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The Screamin' Eagles
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PZ4 Ausf L Suspension by bubba145 PZ4 Ausf L Suspension :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0 Panzer 4 Hull Version 2 by bubba145 Panzer 4 Hull Version 2 :iconbubba145:bubba145 2 0 Panzer 4 Hull Version 1 by bubba145 Panzer 4 Hull Version 1 :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0
An Average Day
Longshot wasn't a morning person, despite having a top of the line coffee machine that could make enough coffee to sate a herd of buffalo, he could never wake up and be aware in a timely manner.  But timely never mattered when the small town of ponyville seemed to still be asleep for the most part at noon. He shifted the thick covers off his body and stretched his fore hooves over his head while his back touched the bed frame.
Rolling over to the floor his shoes clopped rhythmically on the wood as he went to the bathroom to relieve himself. Sighing as he did so he looked at himself in the mirror that hung near the shower and sink. His brown mane was matted some to his neck and scalp, while other parts stuck out at odd angles. Shaking his head he tried to get it looking manageable, though it seemed to get worse. Sighing again he flushed and washed his hooves before drying them and trotting out the bathroom.
Longshot's kitchen was bare except for the bare essentials and the ever imp
:iconbubba145:bubba145 2 0
Tank Design Version 3 with Suspension and wheels by bubba145 Tank Design Version 3 with Suspension and wheels :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0 Designed Tank Version 3 by bubba145 Designed Tank Version 3 :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0 Hull Suspension placement by bubba145 Hull Suspension placement :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0 Tank Design Basic Armor Thickness and Measurements by bubba145 Tank Design Basic Armor Thickness and Measurements :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0
Luftwaften Military Rooster
Luftwafte Military Roster
In Luftwafte there are 20 Active Regiments in the Army with 39 Reserve Regiments and scattering of Battalion and Company size Militia units.
Military Roster of Units
1. First Halberd :2300
2. Second Halberd 2400
3. Third  Crossbow 2100
4. Fourth Halberd 2000
5. Fifth  Crossbow 2380
6. Sixth  Cannon 2500
7. Seventh Halberd 1890
8. Eighth  Crossbow 3000
9. Ninth Dragoon 2780
10. Tenth Dragoon 1098
11. Eleventh Musket 2700
12. Twelfth Dragoon 3000
13. Thirteenth Halberd 2045
14. Fourteenth  Crossbow 2300
15. Fifteenth Halberd 0920
16. Sixteenth Musket 2700
17. Seventeenth Halberd 2300
18. Eighteenth Musket 2500
19. Nineteenth Cannon 2000
20. Twentieth Cannon 2900
Totaling 45,813 Troops
1-17 Reserve Regiments Halberd Troops Totaling: 42500
18-28 Reserve Regiments Crossbow Troops Totaling: 25000
29-32 Reserve Regiments Dragoon Troops Totaling: 10000
31-34 Reserve Regiments Musket Troops Totaling: 10000
35-39 Reserve Regiments Cannon Troops
:iconbubba145:bubba145 0 12
Kingdom of Luftwafte's Background and Information.
Kingdom Profile,
Kingdom of Luftwafte ( Lufe Waf Teh)
Short background of Kingdom:
Luftwafte is a Kingdom ruled by a King and Queen. Each is from a line of nobles and is chosen after the previous King and Queen die. This process is done with all the nobles and often form a voting block when they need too. These nobles are also in charge of the parliament which write and vote on laws which are approved by the loyalty. The kingdom is a hilly kingdom with often long lines of kills and valleys before long stretches of open terrain where the most of the food grown in the kingdom lays. Military fortifications dot the border and sections further into the country. Each is designed to interlock fire from another and allow for trenches to be set up between them to slow down enemy forces.
The two cultures are there because of chance. The Fair folk's ship wrecked near the land that would become Luftwafte and they where worshiped as gods by the Forest Folk. Much of the history of the Kingdom is tha
:iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0
Longshot breedables with Kapoon-Loves-you by bubba145 Longshot breedables with Kapoon-Loves-you :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 3 Slate Armor by bubba145 Slate Armor :iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0 Starry Night MLP OC by bubba145 Starry Night MLP OC :iconbubba145:bubba145 6 2
My Dark Skinned Goddess
For a while I thought that I had forgotten what is was like to be in love. But then she came into my life and changed everything around. Her body enticed me, her smile lite up my world. I choose to listen to what she had to say and I was entranced the second she opened her mouth. Every syllable she says is like a melody in it's own right. Though it took many moons for me to realize what my heart was saying, I was in love with her and her un-wordly beauty.
She spoke to me about many things and I listened, I told her tales of my life and she smiled at me. Our days passed with stories and laughs and we where happy. From countless tales of the far flung future to worlds unlike out own we told these stories. We often changed how we thought of these stories as we told new ones but the connection we had never changed.
It was during this time that I started to fall for her. We began to talk more about ourselves than our tales and it was fun. But even then I choose not to think of my own emotio
:iconbubba145:bubba145 1 0
Mining Ship LDD by bubba145 Mining Ship LDD :iconbubba145:bubba145 6 3 Yogscast Dale Plan. by bubba145 Yogscast Dale Plan. :iconbubba145:bubba145 0 0
Written works make up a good portion of what i do.
Pictures are a small part. Legos are cool and i use them. Gun designs are key to my brain and how it works.

Random Favourites

Expecting Rainstorms... by arch-nsha Expecting Rainstorms... :iconarch-nsha:arch-nsha 1,010 166 goldenfox and white princess by sorceressmyr goldenfox and white princess :iconsorceressmyr:sorceressmyr 2,460 214 Tommy in the Trenches by Leopreston Tommy in the Trenches :iconleopreston:Leopreston 137 141 Half Life Drama by JuavT Half Life Drama :iconjuavt:JuavT 45 14 Roll out the barrel... by T-M-Krisnack Roll out the barrel... :icont-m-krisnack:T-M-Krisnack 6 2 Bleu's Female-self Meme by bleuthepanda Bleu's Female-self Meme :iconbleuthepanda:bleuthepanda 30 28 :STAMP: by horsewolf :STAMP: :iconhorsewolf:horsewolf 5,448 189 Pirates Are Better -- Stamp by RipfangDragon Pirates Are Better -- Stamp :iconripfangdragon:RipfangDragon 3,996 1,055 Burnside's Bridge by mhssoccer Burnside's Bridge :iconmhssoccer:mhssoccer 4 0 Sunken Road by mhssoccer Sunken Road :iconmhssoccer:mhssoccer 1 0 Guarding the harbor by mhssoccer Guarding the harbor :iconmhssoccer:mhssoccer 3 0 Cannon by mhssoccer Cannon :iconmhssoccer:mhssoccer 3 0
speed enforced by aircraft
speed limit enforced by aircraft
a hawk^ hangs over the highway
beyond the road sign+ paranoia
cyberfowl, lurking: white letters
radar guns with wings: black back
sun lances eyes round the curve
crayola lightning worms wriggle
on frayed projector screen lids
but i can't hear the hawk 'tween
groaning trucks & rubber hum
over jerry-rigged cd player
piped thru bass-burned speakers
no tongue long enough to
imagine birdflesh rotisserie
like chicken like chicken like
feather mouths filled with spite
i forgot to eat breakfast
my chewing gum is stale
the purple leaf scent overwhelms
gas station package said blueberry
but it smells like sweet sickness
wreaks of overripe cover-up
grind flour from steering wheel
my heart beats in my fingers
playground carousel dizzies
brace me for a war of matter
it never comes
my pupils are born again
surviving the crash possibility
past monument+ and sentinel^
my vision still sins against me
:iconzphoenixdownz:zphoenixdownz 3 3
This Chick Is TOAST by DanSchoening This Chick Is TOAST :icondanschoening:DanSchoening 3,630 820 Chuck Norris Card by megers67 Chuck Norris Card :iconmegers67:megers67 86 34 Fire and Ice by Tessa-Black Fire and Ice :icontessa-black:Tessa-Black 3 0
stuff i like. if your stuff is in here it means i likt teh quality of the work.





United States
All hail Killzone
All hail The Helghan

Current Residence: where i want to be unfortunatly that means i'm there.
Favourite genre of music: ROCK/Punk rock
Favourite style of art: drawing
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: black or blue
Shell of choice: 88mm AA Special/ .357 Magnum
Wallpaper of choice: something war related I.E. Flag over the Reichstag
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto
Personal Quote: Grab your shoty we got zeds to kill
Well this is isn't good for me. One of the two ram sticks on my computer seems to have given up the ghost. So my comp runs like crud.


by Ziom05

Since becoming a brony it has never ceased to amaze me how talented the fan base is. As such this is an incredible piece of art. Just t...


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I wasn't paying attention to it and was deleting things and hit the no before realizing it was art.
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